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A DRIVING instructor has revealed the best course of action learners should take directly before taking their test.

Abdur, of the YouTube channel DrivingTV, has shared his top tips to help nervous candidates on the day of their test… and it all starts with the morning routine.

It's always important for learner drivers to be thoroughly prepared when going into their test.

Of course, some new drivers can find this tricky, as taking a driving test can be a nerve-racking experience.

But there are some things learners can do to help ease their nerves – and make sure they're as prepared as possible.

According to Abdur, it's essential that new drivers are mentally prepared on the day of the test.

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He said: "When you book your driving test and your test is coming up, I want you to believe that you can pass.

"Make that belief system work as you go into your driving test because in the end you need to believe that you can do it."

Abdur also says that self doubt shouldn't be an issue, especially as the driving instructor is there to help you prepare.

And he added: "Your driving instructor believes in you, because if they didn’t they wouldn’t allow you to take their car and take the driving test."

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Even if the test is early in the morning, Abdur advises drivers to do three simple things to help freshen the mind.

Abdur said: "You need to make sure that on the day you’re fully ready, mentally and physically.

"Before the test, you should go for a walk, have a shower and have breakfast – the combination of these three things will put you in the right mindframe, will give you energy and help you think fresh."

He also advises drivers to ‘do something good’ on the day of their test, such as help a friend or neighbour, or even make amends with someone they've had a falling out with.

He declares doing something good will help set a 'positive vibe and mindset'.

Finally, he reminds learners that it’s 'not the end of the world' if they fail their test.

He said: "Take away the pressure in your mind, and know that even if you fail, you can take the test again."

Meanwhile, thousands of learner drivers stand the serious risk of having their licence being cancelled before even passing their test.

Meanwhile, drivers are just realising that a £1 everyday item can defog a car windscreen.

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