I’m a car lover – here are some simple tips to parallel park your motor effortlessly | The Sun

A CAR lover has revealed some simple tips to help you parallel park your car effortlessly.

Tiktoker Cong has shared a step-by-step guide on how to parallel park for those struggling.

In a clip shared on Tiktok, the car enthusiast has shown his followers how he side parks between two cars.

His first advice is to stop your vehicle right next to the front car- when your side mirror is aligned with the one of the front car.

Your next step would be to turn your steering wheel to the right and back up.

He says: "When we just see the right light of the car behind us in the left rearview mirror, turn the steering wheel and back up."


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You should keep going back until you can see in your rearview mirror that your door handle is near the pavement.

The Tiktoker continued: "Turn the steering wheel to the left back up the car and enter the parking space".

Many Tiktokers were thankful for the helpful tips while others said they would prefer driving around to find an easier parking space.

One said: "i drive past and look for another parking.

Another one said: "well do one video in tight space and a busy road.

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Someone wrote: "Too many instructions, I’ll keep going until I find a nice easy space!

One wrote: "Am i the only one who can’t do it on the left side"

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