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A CAR EXPERT has revealed his top tips on how to dispute a speeding ticket to avoid paying.

With the cost of living crisis continuing, most Brits will be looking for ways to save money – especially avoiding any unfortunate hefty fines.

Handily, TikTok user @marktilbury has passed on his expert advice to help drivers challenge speeding tickets.

The driver said: "I just got fined £500 for speeding.

The expert answered: "Don't pay it. You're admitting you did it, and you might get points."

The driver said: "What do you mean, not pay?


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The expert suggested: "Schedule a court date. The officer will probably pull a no-show and the case will get dismissed."

The driver asked: "What if he rocks up?"

The expert answered: "Then check how the speed was recorded.

"It's often inaccurate and uncalibrated, meaning you will get off the hook."

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The driver asked: "And if that doesn't work?"

The expert answered: "Then you pay the fine and accept the points. Better luck next time."

The Highway code says: "You must not exceed the maximum speed limits for the road and for your vehicle. A speed limit of 30 mph (48 km/h) generally applies to all roads with street lights (excluding motorways) unless signs show otherwise."

The video has had 718,800 views and 73,500 comments.

Most people in the comments don't think this hack is useful.

One said: "This doesn't work anymore. You are no longer allowed to request calibration certificates.

Another said: "That never works these days. and when it doesn't work, you have to pay a court fee on top."

A third pointed out: "Inaccurate” speed guns almost always display a speed that is lower than your speed because of the position of the radar. That is not a good argument.

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The user answered all the comments by saying: "Using this hack saves you points, which keeps insurance low. But it doesn’t always work."

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