I tried to get revenge on my selfish neighbour who kept blocking my driveway – but things didn't go as planned | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED homeowner has revealed that he tried to get revenge on his selfish neighbour who kept blocking his driveway, but things didn't go as planned.

The anonymous motorist revealed that when he contacted the local authorities, his neighbour didn't even get a parking ticket.

But they stopped parking in front of his house when he reported all their seven broken-down cars to the police, and they all got tagged.

Reddit user @u/Specialist-Orchid-86  explained that the parking war started because his neighbour wanted them to move to a different house.

He explained: "Neighbour has guests that intentionally block our driveway. The city takes hours and sometimes days to respond.

"They physically ASSAULT other neighbours and have vandalised our property with spray paint. 

"Sometimes they sit out there blocking it and honking and then try to pick a fight if we ask them to move or stop. It's been happening for years. The city refuses to do anything about it. 

"We filed for a peace bond, and they didn't appear. The judge issued a warrant after she (main perp) violated the deferral order to stop doing this, but it's been three months, and the courts have stopped replying to my requests for an update. I am frustrated. They do this about 3-10 times a week."

And most commentators are on the poster's side.

One said: "You need to move. You won’t regret it."

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Another said: "Yeah, make sure you put up more cameras and get plate numbers too."

A third pointed out: "Just call "rent a thug" and flip the car on its roof?"

This comes after a homeowner revealed how they took revenge on their neighbour after she repeatedly parked in front of their driveway.

Plus, a woman revealed that she got her neighbour's car towed after she wouldn't stop parking in her driveway.

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