‘I swear by it’: Mrs Hinch fans share £1 ‘trick’ to remove food stains from clothes

Mrs Hinch cleans her windows using a dishmatic

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Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, first found fame after posting unusual cleaning tips and recommendations online. The cleaning sensation now has an astounding 4.3 followers on Instagram. Inspired by the guru, fans of her have now created their own Facebook pages dedicated to sharing cleaning and tidying tips with one another. One of these tips includes how to remove food stains from items of clothing.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips and tricks Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to remove food stains from her baby’s clothes.

Sheridan Louise Barton wrote: “Any tips to remove food stains out of baby clothes please?”

From accidents with formula and baby food to other, less pleasant ‘accidents’, every parent knows how much laundry a little one can pile up over the course of just one day. 

As baby food comes in all colours of the rainbow, these stains can look quite alarming at first glance.

However, there’s no need to worry as Sheridan’s post was inundated with comments from fellow cleaning fanatics ready to share their top tips.

A huge number of Facebook users recommended washing up liquid.

Kimberly Marie said: “Fairy washing up liquid. Rub it in and then leave to soak then normal wash and back to normal again.”

Naomi Wood commented: “Fair washing up liquid has worked for me.”

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Chantelle Toshack wrote: “The trick is to rub washing up liquid under cold water then wash as normal.”

Lyn Scott said: “Swear by washing up liquid for stains. Put a small amount of washing ups liquid on stains and just rub in, no need to scrub, can pop in the washing basket until you are ready to do the wash load, no need to rinse off. After pop in the washing machine as normal.”

Abbie Topliss said: “Fairy washing up liquid before you wash it. I have four kids including two boys and I swear by it.”

Lisa Marie added: “Fairy liquid on the stain then put straight in the washing machine.”

Washing up liquid is especially good for oily or greasy stains, so if Britons have a stain which leaves a residue this could be the answer.

This is not just great for washing whites, this is good for all colours and has been known to remove all sorts of stains from clothes as well.

Britons can pick up washing up liquid for £1 in local supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using Elbow Grease to remove food stains from clothes.

Karrie Brown said: “Elbow Grease is great.”

Jodie Tolley wrote: “Soak in elbow grease for 24 hours then wash. Works every time.

“Never put something stained in the dryer as it sets the stain and you’ll never get rid of it.”

Lauren Teri Elwood added: “Elbow grease! I used it to get hoisin sauce out of a white towel and it came out brand new.”

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