I hated paying rent so much I converted my CAR into a tiny home – I have fridge and toilet and save thousands in rent | The Sun

A MAN has revealed he converted his car into a home – and has already saved £13,000.

Arslan Shono, a medical technologist from New Jersey, added a bed, fridge, sinkand solar panels to his car to make it habitable.

The TikTok user @SolarCampercar explained that he has been living in his car for two years so far and loves the experience.

Arslan revealed: "I hated paying rent, so I ended up converting my car into a house, and this is me getting ready to go to sleep.  

"It’s actually pretty comfortable."

The savvy man said he lives in his car nine months of the year and spends the other three living with friends and family.


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He showed his followers how he crafted his Chevrolet Suburban SUV into his new home on wheels in a Youtube video.

And he installed three solar panels on the roof rack of his car, while placing the battery inside the frame of his bed.

Apparently, it took him just three weeks to complete his new home.

When it’s time for a bathroom break, the TikTok star has a removable cassette toilet to save space, and Arslan bought an electric heated blanket he loves to use in the chilly winter months to remain warm.

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Many people praised him on social media for this brilliant idea to save money.

One said: "So creative. Great build. I love the setup, and the kitchen and bed storage are fantastic. It looks so nice."

Another said: "This is so fantastic! I would love to do something similar one day."

A third pointed out: "With the cost of living, well played."

However, other users think that living in a car is not a good idea.

One said: "Is he beating capitalism, or is capitalism beating him."

Another said: "I hate paying rent, but I’d hate living in a car more."

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