I found Android keyboard that lets ChatGPT AI text your friends for you – it takes 30 seconds to set up | The Sun

A CLEVER Android trick lets you use an AI to text your friends for you.

It works by bundling viral AI chatbot ChatGPT into the virtual keyboard you use to type.

ChatGPT is a chatbot that generates "natural language" text.

It can even hold conversations, learning from things that you've said.

You could type something simple like: "What's the best way to cook a potato?"

If you don't like the reply it gives, you could write: "No, give me a better recipe."

A prompt can even be more complicated like: "Create a personal training plan for me, based on five days at the gym per week, incorporating weightlifting and cardio, that takes about 45 minutes."

In some ways, it's like a search engine – but potentially much more powerful.

And TikTok star @dessy_ocean has found a way to get the AI to power your text conversations.

Be very careful though: friends might not be happy you're using an AI to speak to them.

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It's best to be upfront with pals and use it for fun – otherwise you could end up in trouble.

How to integrate ChatGPT into your phone's keyboard

First download the app Smart Typer.

This lets you create custom keyboards, including ones that use AI.

Make sure to only download the app from the Google Play Store.

Now go to the ChatGPT website and make an account here.

Then log in, scroll down to API Reference, and visit the API Keys page.

Tap Create New Secret Key under API Keys.

Once you've generated a key, copy it and then paste it into Smart Typer's Open AI API Key section.

Now go to a chat app like WhatsApp and then tap the keyboard icon.

Choose the Smart Typer keyboard, type a prompt and then press the I'll Handle The Response Button.

This will kickstart ChatGPT to do your typing for you.

You can read the text before you hit send, just to make sure it doesn't say anything strange.

Bear in mind that using third-party keyboards can be risky.

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If you want to keep what you type safe from prying eyes, stick to the main Android keyboard.

You could also simply copy and paste responses using the main ChatGPT webpage.

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