I blocked a police speeding van on UK's most dangerous road… I know it's illegal but other drivers have called me a hero

THIS is the moment a brazen motorist appears to block a police speeding van on the UK's dangerous road.

Ed Evans boasted he's doing his bit for other drivers and has been called a "hero" by his supporters after seemingly concealing the camera.

He confirmed his identity after video surfaced online showing a hatchback parked just a few feet behind the marked vehicle on the A38 in Rooks Bridge, Somerset on Saturday.

In footage shot by Facebook user Lauren Jayne, a man and woman can be seen sitting in their boot and grinning at oncoming cars.

They've opened the boot – apparently to block the van's view.

Ed, who was tagged in the post, has now responded after some joked he was "providing a community service" and told him: "There should be more people like you".

But others say Ed was in the wrong – replying: "Don't drive like a t*t and speed cameras won't be an issue."

The driver apparently sabotaged the speed van on a stretch of single-lane carriageway with a 30mph limit. The limit changes to 50mph a few metres beyond the camera.


The A38 has been dubbed one of Britain's most dangerous roads after the Department for Transport revealed that during a five-year stretch, it had more accidents than any other A-road.

A total of 8,698 crashes, 590 of which were serious, took place on the stretch between 2011 and 2016. Tragically, 137 people died.

Mum Lauren, 24, who lives in the Mendips, Somerset, said: "My boyfriend was driving down the A38 and we just saw the boot up in front of the van.

"My phone was already out for music so I recorded it on Snapchat.

"I just found it funny really."

Her video has been viewed more than 14,000 times, racking up almost 200 reactions and comments.

Ed replied to the post: "For the record, yes that was me doing my bit for the peeps."


One user replied: "Could have done it a little sooner. They got me doing just over 30."

Ed joked: "Sorry about that. If I was any quicker I would’ve been caught speeding."

However, others disagreed, with one saying: "Police cameras are not a threat if you obey the speed limits."

Avon and Somerset Police say the speed camera operator was on his lunch break when Ed was blocking the van, but he would have been breaking the law had the camera been active at the time.

A spokesperson said: "Speed is a factor in many death and serious injury collisions and speed limits are in place to protect all road users.

"Speeding is frequently raised as a policing priority by our communities and we deploy our safety cameras at locations where the community has asked us to take enforcement action.

"We are open about this action, with our safety camera sites listed on our website. The best way to avoid a fine and points on your licence is not to put others at risk by breaking the speed limit.

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"At the time of this footage, the speed camera operator was taking a break. Had they been prevented from using the camera, the person responsible could have faced a charge of obstructing them in the course of their duty.

"As it was, we understand that a local resident spoke to them to explain that the community had asked for speed enforcement."

Ed was contacted for comment.

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