HSBC explains simple way to give your money ‘extra protection’ and keep fraudsters away

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Keeping money safe from scammers is a constant concern for millions of Britons. HSBC has urged its customers to use the protections available to them and reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud.

HSBC is encouraging customers to set up Voice ID.

This could help people stay safe and also save them time.

Those who utilise telephone banking could potentially benefit from the extra layer of security.

HSBC has explained how Voice ID works and urged its customers to consider setting it up.

HSBC UK tweeted: “Voice ID is a simple way to help protect yourself from fraud.

“By setting it up, you’re stopping fraudsters in their tracks.

“Even if you never use it, it gives your money that extra protection.”

A video accompanied the tweet, providing information on how Voice ID has helped to prevent fraud.

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The video stated that Voice ID helped to identify around 7,000 fraudulent calls last year.

It explained: “If someone who isn’t you calls us to access your account, your voice acts like a password to block them.”

More detail on the system can be found on the HSBC website.

HSBC states: “Fraudsters and hackers may be able to steal or guess your security number, but they can’t replicate your voice.

“Voice ID can even recognise your voice if you have a cold or a sore throat.”

They also said that setting up Voice ID can make telephone banking more straightforward for those who set it up.

HSBC said: “You won’t need to remember your security number. You’ll just need your voice to access your account.”

How to sign up for Voice ID

HSBC states that setting up Voice ID can be done in four easy steps.

They can simply:

  • Call 08000 852 380
  • Verify their identity using their telephone security number
  • Create a voiceprint by saying “My voice is my password” up to five times
  • Use their voice to access their account through telephone banking

They will then no longer need a password. They can simply say: “My voice is my password” to access telephone banking.

HSBC Voice ID is available to UK customers over the age of 18 who are registered for phone banking.

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