How to pet-proof your home: the home interior must-haves for a pet friendly property

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Whether you’re preparing to welcome a new four-legged friend into your home or you’re in need of some replacement furniture that won’t get ruined, there are plenty of pet-resistant options available. Finding durable fabrics and hard-wearing materials is the key to creating a practical home for you and your pets – but where do you start? spoke to the experts to round up the top picks for a pet-friendly property.

Avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet starts in the home so always assess the safety of your home for your pet by leaving dangerous or poisonous items out of reach.


Choosing curtains that look good and hide wear and tear is easily done when you follow these tips from Interior fabric specialist Terry’s resident interior designer, Rebecca Challinor.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “Low-pile fabrics are key when it comes to protecting curtains from our four-legged friends.

“Microfibre holds up particularly well to tears, scratches or pulls, so it’s advisable to look for window treatments that are made from materials that are tightly knit.

“If you’re looking to disguise any potential scratches or chews, multi-coloured fabrics, such as herringbone or chenille, are great at hiding such marks.”


Sofas are the perfect spot for a snuggle with your pet at the end of a long day but keeping them free from stains and fur is not an easy task.

Stain resistant fabrics are ideal for pet-lovers who can’t stand the constant battle with muddy paw prints and with The Swyft Sofa you can keep your sofa stain-free without the hassle.

Featuring ‘industry leading stain free technology’ the Swyft Sofa is 100 percent pet friendly as each individual thread of fabric boats stain resistant qualities.

Fur-friendly fabrics

You don’t have to compromise on style when pet-proofing your home – choosing strategic fabrics to hide any damage is the best way to keep your home looking untouched by the furriest member of the family.

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Kelly Collins, head of creative at Swyft has shared her favourite fabrics for a stylish yet pet-friendly home.


Velvet makes an excellent fabric for a pet-lover’s sofa – it’s plush look can stand the test of time when properly cared for and its durable qualities make marks and fading less visible.

Your pet is less likely to tear velvet as it has no loose or raised threading so it will look newer, for longer.

Kelly told “With a velvet sofa, even spillages are easy to sort, so you don’t need to rule yourself out of the velvet sofa life just because you’re clumsy.”


While leather can be on the more expensive side, it is an extremely durable and pet-friendly material which has been a popular choice by owners for years.

Leather furniture is incredibly easy to clean and won’t retain any pet hairs – even spillages can be wiped away in no time.

Your pet may rip or tear leather more easily if they have sharper claws like cats so keep an eye on possible puncture.

Outdoor Fabrics

Using outdoor fabrics for your indoor furniture may sound odd but the waterproof qualities of many outdoor sofas and chairs is ideal for pet owners.

Kelly Collins says: “Typically outdoor fabrics are mould and mildew resistant, can stand up to the harshest of elements, are stain and odour resistant and can repel moisture. So, you can be confident that this type of fabric can handle your mischievous pets!”


  • Synthetic microfibre wipes easily and is stain resistant – making it ideal for pets
  • Choose patterned rugs and fabrics to disguise scratches, pet hair and minor damage
  • Find furniture with removable covers to make it easy to wash and replace
  • Colour-match soft furnishings with your pet – coordinating your home to your pet can help disguise pet fur to save you from obsessing over the mess made by your furry friend

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