How to lay out an open plan living room – plus how to avoid ‘overwhelming’ the space

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An open plan living room is an interior designer’s dream, as they have lots of depth and room to play around with. Home furnishing retailer ScS spoke exclusively to about how to lay out furniture in this specific type of space.

Furnishing a large open plan living space can be easy in that there’s a lot of space to play with.

However, the mammoth task can be overwhelming.

ScS is on hand to help.

The retailer told “Open plan living spaces tend to be light, airy and bright, but there’s no formula to follow for this living space.

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“You might decide that the best thing is to use furniture that is modular and can be moved around to make it easy for you to find a different combination.”

This allows wannabe interior designers to put their own stamp on a place.

Also, the malleability of modular furniture allows people to switch it up.

Not just for homeowners, purchasing modular furniture is a way for renters to make their space their own and change it up as and when.

The retailer’s first tip for laying out an open plan living space was to build in defined territories.

“Open floor living eliminates walls in favour of connected spaces that flow into each other.

“This means it’s important to have various zone, defined territories, and develop a unique style to make open plan spaces work.”

While an open plan room is supposed to be symbiotic and cohesive, it is important to differentiate different parts of the space, according to the expert.

ScS’s second interior tip was to take a step back.

The retailer explained: “One of the most critical factors is ensuring you look at the space as a whole first.

“Not everything needs to match, but it should flow together effortlessly.”

A living space which does not rely on small spaces or doors risks becoming overwhelmed if too much is going on.

“You need to think carefully about furniture styles and paint colours – they should all tie in together.”

Having said this, those decorating their open plan living space should not be afraid to experiment with different textures.

Preston Konrad, lifestyle expert and former director of styling at Ralph Lauren, emphasises the importance of texture, arguing that it actually makes a room look more “expensive”.

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When playing around with texture, think rugs or photo frames made from different materials.

ScS’s final open plan interior tip was to maintain flow, avoiding a feature wall.

“Keeping the walls all one colour will maintain the visual flow of the room with no disruptions.”

But steer clear of “too much white”, as this can be “overwhelming”.

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