How to add value to property during lockdown? Get your home post-coronavirus-crisis ready

From the family firm behind the ‘Welsh Sandbanks’, Andrea Gardner, Sales, and Marketing Director at luxury House Builder Waterstone Homes shares ideas on how to make your home the best version of itself and be post-COVID-19 market-ready.


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Andrea said: “During these uncertain times, some of us will have extra time on our hands so this could be the perfect opportunity to do (almost) all of those things that you’ve been promising to do around the house but never got around to.

“Take advantage of the downtime and get your home looking show home perfect or better still, ready to be put on the market when lockdown, isolation and social distancing ends.”

So, what kind of home improvements can a homeowner do to add value to their property?

The property expert shared some of her top tips to improve and add value while in self-isolation:

1. Safety first and one step at a time

Andrea Gardner warned: “First and foremost do not attempt any DIY that could result in injury, we cannot afford to put any extra pressure on our NHS, only do what is within your skillset, but there’s still a lot that you can do yourself.”

She continued: “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned when creating luxury family homes, it’s that attention to detail is critical, so my main piece of advice is to do one thing at a time and do it well.

“So, if you only sand and paint your front door and/or banisters during lockdown, that will be an amazing achievement and it will add value to your property.

“When a prospective buyer comes in through your front door and sees an immaculate staircase with no thick paint, scuffs or paint drips, that first impression will last.”

Not sure how to sand and prep wood?

Andrea said: “Look it up online, there will be plenty of tips on how to sand and prep the wood.”

Not painted before?

Andrea said: “There will be tips for that too. Be as much of a perfectionist as possible, don’t start the next job until you’ve finished the first.”

2. De-clutter

According to the expert, one of the key things a homeowner should do if planning to sell their home – post the coronavirus crisis, of course – is de-clutter their homes. She explained: “When prospective buyers are viewing our homes, the main comments are always around the clean lines and open spaces. People like to imagine themselves living a better life in a fresh and open space, so get decluttering.”

“Decluttering also means removing any distractions, which includes family photographs, I always recommend removing them ahead of a house viewing as it helps buyers imagine it as their home,” she added.


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Continuing, she said: “Make your rooms look fresh and appealing, stop picturing yourself in your home and instead picture a stranger wanting to live in your home.

“How we do this is by choosing a neutral colour scheme, such as greys or taupes and even though it’s been said a million times, choose a pop of colour such as bright pink, orange or a citrus colour to bring a room to life. Don’t go overboard with this ‘pop’ though, if you are uncertain, don’t do it, you can always add more at a later date,” she advised.

3. Give your outside space some love

“It’s in the first three seconds that most buyers make their decision to buy a house or not,” she explained. “Look at the front and rear of your house or the entrance to your flat. Ask yourself if you could do better?

“Get weeding, clean the tiles, concrete or decking and give the windows a clean or fresh paint. Lay some bags of chippings or chipped bark, paint your fences and walls and make the outside space be the best version of itself.

“Don’t forget to check out online lessons and tutorials on how to do things well. You’re not looking to cover things up, get down to the bone and start afresh, it will look a million times better than a cover-up, and remember, buyers are not fools, they can tell what’s been covered up and what’s a quality job,” she said.

4. Support local

Hardware stores are among the essential retailers that are open during the coronavirus lockdown, support them by getting your essentials such as paint and sandpaper locally, advised Andrea.

She said: “Just give them a call and talk through want you’ll need, and most will deliver. Even though we’re in very difficult times we can all do something that can help bring our communities closer. If you live in a remote location or don’t have any luck locally, you should also have everything at your fingertips online.”

5. Research how you’ll sell your house now

“Start researching how you’ll sell your home now. Speak with your local estate agents and take advantage of their wealth of experience and the fact that they may be quieter than usual,” she said.

“Dig a little deeper too and see what reviews they are getting, and don’t forget to ask for quotes telling them you are shopping around, as well as looking for special offers.

“I know for a fact that housebuilders will be keen to offer deals during these difficult times, it’s a buyers’ market, so start shopping around,” she advised.

Waterstone Homes build luxury family homes in the South Wales area. For some interior inspirations, see their luxury style here on


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