How many of these 15 road signs can you identify?

MOST British drivers struggle to remember basic road sign meanings, despite having to learn them to pass their tests.

As many as three-quarters of motorists struggle to recall all of the signs set out in the Highway Code after getting their licence.

Signs involving bridges, loading zones and indicating no motor vehicles cause the most trouble for those behind the wheel.

The signs in the Highway Code are separated into three different shapes to make things easier for drivers – each shape represents a specific purpose.

Circular signs give an order, triangles contain a warning, and rectangular signs update drivers with current road information or tell them what is ahead.

Forgetting what the signs mean can be dangerous for yourself and other road users as getting it wrong could cause an accident.

This means it's crucial that drivers remind themselves what the signs mean so they can stay safe on the road.

Recent research also revealed that motorists also struggle with dashboard symbols, so it could be worth checking how clued up you are on those too.

Read on to test your road sign knowledge and check whether you need to brush up your skills.

1. All motor vehicles prohibited

2. End of minimum speed

3. Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead

4. Cross winds

5. 'Give Way' ahead

6. National speed limit


7. Explosives

8. Hazard ahead

9. Uneven road

10. No buses

11. Moving bridge ahead

12. Soft verges

13. Multiple routes

14. Cameras in area

15. Clearway

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