How many driving lessons do I need?

KEEN to pass your driving test, but don't know how many lessons you should be doing and how often?

Here's all you need to know about the best approaches to learning.

How many driving lessons do I need?

There's no minimum requirement of lessons you must have completed in order to take the test.

How many you need depends on how quickly you learn, but ultimately you'll just need to be well practiced to pass your practical test.

Seb Goldin, CEO of RED Driving School told The Sun it depends on the aptitude of the learner.

He said: "The DVSA published figures a few months ago which said that on average, learners take 44 hours of professional driving instruction as well as 22 hours of private practice to pass the practical driving test.


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"This broadly corresponds with our own research which shows that novice drivers who come to RED with no previous driving experience take an average of 34 hours with a RED Driving Instructor to pass their test.”

You can find a handy explainer on how much lessons cost here.

The person best qualified to tell you how many lessons you need is your instructor.

They'll be able to assess your driving ability and tell you how many lessons it will take you to become test ready.

How many driving lessons should I have per week?

This depends on your schedule and when you're able to fit them in, and how much practice you need will depend on your experience.

“Most driving schools recommend one two-hour lesson each week over the course of four to six months," says Seb, "however, this of course varies depending on the learner’s availability and how frequently they are willing to have lessons.

“This window of four to six months also allows the learner driver to experience a good range of different driving conditions prior to their test.

He added: "It is of course possible to learn to drive quicker than this, but this is usually only the case with learners who already have some driving experience or those who are able to absorb more intensive lessons.”

How do I pick the right driving instructor?

It's important that your instructor is qualified, graded, has a specially adapted and well-maintained car, is insured correctly and is responsive to your learning needs.

You might start by asking friends or family for recommendations, or looking for an instructor through a reputable driving school.

One way of narrowing down your options is to check whether they're DVSA approved.

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You can find instructors who are approved by the DVSA and check their grade (if they declare it) here.

You can also check instructors who aren't listed with their name and ADI number (if you have it) by contacting DVSA test enquires via email or by telephone on 0300 200 1122.

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