Honda just unveiled what the 2022 Civic will look like and it's a far cry from the previous generation

  • Honda took the wraps off of the 2022 Civic Prototype during an online event Tuesday. 
  • The preproduction 11th-generation Civic looks much more subdued and conventional than its controversially styled predecessor. 
  • The next-generation Civic will also get new tech, safety features, and powertrain options, but Honda hasn't released many specifics yet. 
  • The 2022 Civic hits the market in late spring 2021. 
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As other major automakers like Ford and GM abandon the sedan market to double down on crossovers, Honda is sticking to its guns. After all, it has sold more than 12 million Civics in the US since the car launched in the early 1970s, so why stop now?

Honda took the wraps off of its new 2022 Civic prototype during a Tuesday evening Twitch stream that was hosted by esports personalities and, naturally, featured a lengthy "Fortnite" battle. And although it's safe to say that Honda is marketing the new Civic toward the millennial and Gen-Z crowd, the prototype's design shows a return to the traditional. 

Standing in stark contrast to the previous Civic model — which had lots of exterior creases, fake air intakes, and an aggressive overall design — the new prototype is fairly sleek and subdued, looking more upscale than an entry-level offering. 

Despite the 10th-generation Civic's polarizing styling, it sold like hotcakes — more than 1.5 million rolled off of dealer lots since its launch in 2015, according to Honda — so the redesigned 11th-gen model will have some big shoes to fill when it hits the market next spring. 

Honda didn't release many details about the new Civic, but here's what we know so far:

The new Civic prototype looks much cleaner and less busy than the outgoing model.

It has a more upscale-looking exterior, with a longer hood, no controversial fake air vents, and a horizontal crease running from the headlights to the taillights.

Honda moved the A-pillars back a couple of inches and lowered the side mirrors, which both increase driver visibility.

Honda has also revamped the interior, making it sleeker and less cluttered than before. For instance, Honda hid the air vents in a honeycomb mesh that stretches the width of the dash.

As expected with any new car reveal, next year's Civic will get added tech like a nine-inch touchscreen and a digital gauge cluster.

It'll also have new safety features, driver-assistance capabilities, and airbag designs.

Honda says the 11th-generation Civic will have more powerful and more fuel-efficient powertrain options than its predecessor, but it hasn't released any specifics.

The new Civic sedan should look similar to the prototype shown here, and is set to hit the market in late spring 2021, followed by the Hatchback, Si, and Type R versions.

Honda hasn't released pricing yet, but the Civic will likely start at slightly more than its current base price of $21,050. It'll become Honda's entry-level model, seeing as the Fit has been discontinued.

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