Hilarious blunder on road marking outside school leaves people in stitches – but can YOU spot the error | The Sun

THIS road marking outside a secondary school won’t be getting a gold star for spelling.

Contractors had been resurfacing the road ahead of pupils returning to Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) in Brighton on September 5.

Students and staff returning to the classroom after the summer holidays would have been greeted with the sign welcoming them to “shcool” – if the error hadn’t been spotted in time.

Images of the spelling blunder went viral though before the correction could be made, at no extra cost.

An amused Reddit user, with the username u/Neat-Anxiety4213 said it was "the most ironic thing I’ve seen all week".

Another joker added: "PTA Meeting one month ago: 'I know how we can put the cool back into school'."

A third person wrote: "Has anyone else just said it in a Sean Connery voice and it made perfect sense?"

While a fourth joked: “'If you work hard at shcool, you too can get a job just like mine' – Road painting executive, 2022.”

A spokesperson for the council said: "Unfortunately, our contractor carrying out our resurfacing work on Chalky Road outside PACA originally misspelt the word 'school' earlier today.

“This has been corrected at no cost to the council."

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