‘Highly repellent’: ‘Most effective’ 36p natural scent to deter moths from homes in summer

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Moths seem harmless at first glance, especially if you see only a single one. But together, they could easily cause a destructive property infestation. They tend to go unnoticed during the day then as soon as nighttime calls they are constantly flying around light sources. These pests have a strong sense of smell which homeowners can use to their advantage, with one in particular being the “most effective”.

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Pest control experts at Month Prevention shared that cedar is a “great” option to repel moths from homes.

They said: “Moths tend to dislike Cedar. Although it smells great to humans, it is highly repellent to insects like moths. 

“The most effective natural moth repellent is cedar.

“Cedar masks the smell of natural fabrics and also gives clothing and linens a fresh, fragrant aroma.”

Zack DeAngelis, the creator of Pest Pointers agreed and claimed that this is a popular choice for repelling moths “for good reason” as “it works”.

But how does this wondrous moth-repelling oil work exactly?

The team at Moth Prevention explained: “The scent itself is not responsible for deterring moths as much as it is camouflaging the scent of a moth’s natural target – keratin.

“It’s only a temporary distraction, as the oils in cedar do not last long.”

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Unfortunately, over time, the cedar is going to lose its natural oils.

Cedar blocks for moth proofing retails for £10 at John Lewis for a pack of 28. This works out as 36p a piece.

The blocks can be placed in baskets or among your folded sweaters and t-shirts.

These are typically effective for about three months.

After that, your two options are to go out and purchase more cedar items or to sand down your existing cedar and apply more oil.

Zack said: “The cedar has to have a strong enough odour to be effective. 

“You can sand it with sandpaper every few months to increase its potency since cedar loses its scent over time.”

The next best scent to repel moths from homes is to use lavender.

It may be everyone’s favourite calming smell, but it will send moths flying to find a new hideout.

Zack said: “An added benefit of lavender is that it won’t just repel moths. 

“Lavender oil can also repel mosquitos and ticks. 

“Lavender is a great natural alternative to repelling moths due to its pungent and pleasant aroma and natural derivatives.”

To use lavender against moths, simply fill a sachet with dried lavender, or dip cotton balls in lavender oil. 

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