Harley-Davidson Street Bob is practical and you don’t need to rob a bank to own one – The Sun

STREET Bob and Fat Bob sound like they could be characters in a Guy Ritchie movie.

You know, the crime capers where dodgy Cockney geezers order a pint and a pickled egg before robbing a bank.

But Harley-Davidson aficionados will recognise them as classic bikes in the firm’s fleet of bikes.

Apart from the big tourers, these are the kind of machines most people – bikers and non-bikers – will associate with the iconic US brand.

So what’s new for the Street Bob in 2020?

Well, not an enormous amount that’s visible to the naked eye.

The reinvented frame retains the classic Softail lines but its lightweight design and stiffness improves the ride. You get digital instrumentation, keyless ignition, a USB charging port and LED lights.

The mono shock rear suspension is adjustable and the front has racing-style cartridges to reduce weight.

And the 107-cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight engine provides the soundtrack and all the power you need for real world roads.

So nothing too revolutionary has changed. But there again, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Riding an old skool Harley is an event. It’s not about chasing track times, of course. The feeling is almost more important than the spec sheet.

So the looks are still iconic.

The blacked-out surfaces, mini ape-hanger bars, spoked wheels and the chopped fenders still rock. And it's surprisingly practical. We carved our way through mile after mile of gridlocked traffic with ease, the sound of our engines booming off the side of the cars stuck in traffic misery.

It’s a classic Harley and is pretty decent value.

Prices start at £12,295 for the Vivid Black version.

Put down a deposit of £3,000 and you’d pay £135 a month for three years on a PCP deal.

So unlike one of those dodgy characters in a Guy Ritchie movie, you don’t have to rob a bank to own one.

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