Hannity: 'Everything will become more expensive' under Democrat's spending plan

Hannity: Bidenflation and Democrat taxation

‘Hannity’ host lists ways Democrats plan to cover their massive spending costs

Sean Hannity criticized President Biden’s claims that his “Build Back Better” agenda would cost “zero dollars” Thursday on “Hannity,” noting how Americans would ultimately pay for the controversial plan.

“Joe and his fellow socialist comrades now desperate to pass two separate trillion-dollar spending bills, a so-called infrastructure bill that costs $1.2 trillion, on top of that, the other ‘Build Back Better’ plan, which is a social welfare bill – it’s basically AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ that costs a whopping $3.5 trillion, money we do not have and we’ll never be able to pay back,” Hannity said. 

Biden promoted his spending initiative Saturday on Twitter, claiming his “Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars” and will “add zero dollars to the national debt.”

Hannity said this was not accurate, listing the ways Democrats plan on paying for the massive plan. 

Hannity said Democrats would “raise taxes on corporations,” who would then pass the cost on to the consumer, making goods and services more expensive.

“Everyone in America will feel the impact of these taxes,” said Hannity. “Doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy, poor, middle class, somewhere in between, corporations, businesses will not sit back. They’re not going to take the loss. They will pass that tax onto you. You will pay these taxes.”

“The second way the federal government will raise funds is through what they call quantitative easing,” said Hannity. “In other words, is going to print money. This causes inflation. Now that means your paycheck becomes less and less valuable.” 

Hannity noted that this would cause the prices of everything – from groceries to raw materials and rent – to go up.  

“The Fed has been working overtime to print enough money to pay for the $6 trillion in emergency COVID relief spending. And now inflation, thanks to Joe Biden’s horrific policies, is now at a 13-year-high,” he said.


Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that he expects inflation to remain high into 2022.

“That’s not enough for this radical Democratic Party,” Hannity warned. They will not rest until every business, every corporation, every hardworking, successful American is brought to their knees at the altar of big government. They want mother government to provide all, womb to the tomb and cradle to the grave.” 

“Housing, food, green energy, child care, medical care, family leave, guaranteed basic income, free college, free health care, even for illegal immigrants. That’s what the $3.5 trillion ‘Build Back Better,’ what they call human infrastructure is all about.”

Hannity said in the end, these plans amounted to socialism.

“Socialism has been tried under many names, many forms, and everything is based on false promises that will never be fulfilled.” 

“As a result, you look at how much freedom you give up in the name of false security,” he said.

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