‘Handy hack’ to ‘revive’ dirty and discoloured knitwear

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Knitted jumpers and other clothing items are very delicate and can easily stretch or snag in the wash. Maintaining bold colours is also tricky using a standard wash cycle, but what’s the right way to launder your cosy clothing? According to cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie, it’s as simple as timing it right and using a few handy hacks to keep your knitwear in the best condition.

Avoid over-washing

Lynsey Crombie, also known as the “Queen of Clean” explained that one of the biggest mistakes people make when washing knitwear is doing it too little, or too often.

She said: “First things first, it’s important to know that it is best to wash your knitted clothing items every two to three wears.

“However, washing them every three to four wears may be risky as the garments may have picked up numerous germs and bacterias, particularly if you’ve been wearing them outside of the house.”

Read the labels

Taking note of the labels attached to your garments is essential to keep them in the best condition.

According to Lynsey, most people are caught out by items which are hand-wash only, and even some machine-washable items.

She said: “If it is machine washable, it’s wise to use a knitwear specific laundry detergent and make sure you use the delicate or knitwear setting on your machine.”

Once you’ve organised your knitted items into appropriate piles, it is best to isolate the cycle and only wash similar items together.

According to Lynsey, one of the most common causes of damage to delicate knitwear is zips and clasps being washed in the same load.

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Soak stretched knitwear

If it’s too late to prevent damage to knitted items, there are a few quick fixes to restore the fabric to its original condition.

Lynsey said: “If you happen to have a knitwear disaster then this handy hack might help revive your items.

“You will simply need to soak your knitwear in cold water with a measure of fabric conditioner mixed in with the water.

“Leave overnight and in the morning, wring out and try and stretch it back into shape. Your knitwear should then be salvaged!”

Use salt to maintain colours

Fabric conditioner is ideal for keeping colours bright and bold for longer, though they are not always kind to sensitive skin.

To prevent dark colours from fading, Lynsey recommended swapping a capful of fabric conditioner for sea salt.

Combine this clever hack with a cooler wash cycle and your knitwear is guaranteed to look brighter for longer.

Lynsey added: “Always ensure you wash your items inside out and opt for a colour catcher – you can pick them up cheap on Amazon or even at the supermarket.”

Avoid hangers

Storing clean knitwear is just as important as washing it properly to make it last longer.

Though it may surprise you, Lynsey advised against using hangers to store knitted sweaters and jumpers.

She said: “When it comes to storing your knitwear, always ensure you fold it so your items maintain shape.

“Never, ever hang knitwear on a hanger as it will lose its shape extremely quickly. There’s nothing worse than your favourite jumper’s neck becoming all baggy!”

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