‘Guarantee no streaks!’ Clean windows ‘effectively’ with a simple two ingredient solution

'Clean It, Fix It' viewers amazed at window cleaning hack

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Whether homeowners are cleaning a living room or another area of their home, cleaning windows is an important element of the task. For a sparkling, streak-free glass to complement window treatments, it is important to give them a quick refresh every once in a while. A spotless window will increase the amount of light in your home – and allow you to make the most of your view. So, where should you begin? 

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to clean her windows. Anne Harrison wrote: “Best top for cleaning windows with no streaks.”

Ann’s post was inundated with over 230 comments from fellow cleaning fanatics eager to share their top tips.

Many suggested using a regular washing up liquid solution. Lynn Henderson said: “Good old fashioned washing up liquid with water does the trick.”

Linda Cunningham commented: “Bowl of water, tiny drop of washing up liquid, splash of Zoflora for fragrance and one wet and one dry microfibre cloth.”

Jean Kenney replied: “I washed my windows the other day with a drop of washing up liquid with a cloth and polished with newspaper and they looked like new.”

Christine Morrissey said: “I use washing liquid in hot water and use a squeegee, then dry with a paper towel absolutely sparkling.”

Elmer agreed: “Washing up liquid in hot water and then dry off with kitchen roll.”

Tina Bunyan suggested: “Washing up liquid, hot water and squeegee window cleaners use.”

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One Mrs Hinch fan suggested pairing the washing up liquid with fabric softener.

Ruth Pearson explained: “I use washing up liquid in a small bucket of hot water, add some conditioner and use one of those minky sponges on the rough side to effectively wash my windows.

“I clean it off with a squeegee blade. It gives absolutely amazing results. I don’t do it any other way now. Guarantee no streaks.”

The idea here is that beyond just cleaning windows, a fabric softener has the added bonus of helping to repel dirt and dust, so windows will, in theory, stay cleaner longer.

Other cleaning enthusiasts suggested using white vinegar and pairing it with newspaper.

Christine Adkins said: “Vinegar and water and newspaper equals crystal clear.”

Anna Graham agreed: “I agree. This is old fashioned but it’s how my grandma would have done it and her windows were always sparkly . No point making such an everyday task more difficult.”

Clare Fentham commented: “Hot water vinegar and wipe dry with newspaper.”

Jacqueline Beattie said: “My brother in law uses hot water with vinegar and buffs up with newspaper. Windows come up sparkling.”

Peggy Jacobsen added: “White vinegar and water, tiny drop of fairy in a spray bottle and old tee-shirts or crumpled newspaper.”

While many rave about using this newspaper hack, Sharon West warned: “Always used to use vinegar and newspaper but now discovered newspaper scratches the coating on the window! So be careful.

“I now just use vinegar and kitchen roll. Don’t do them when it’s too sunny, they dry too quickly and leave streaks. Unless you do small sections at a time.”

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