Gregg Jarrett: The Hillary Clinton crony behind the phony dossier identified in Durham indictment

John Durham announces new arrest in probe of Russiagate origins, Steele dossier

Fox News’ Greg Palkot reports on the arrest of Igor Danchenko, charged with lying to FBI.

It was all manipulated by Hillary Clinton and her cronies.  Or, as the Russians would say, “comrades.”

The national nightmare known as Russian collusion was an odious invention from Hillary’s fictive imagination and carried out by her cadre of loyal lieutenants who worked secretly in the shadows to smear Donald Trump as a Kremlin asset.

That is the inexorable conclusion that can be drawn from the 39-page criminal indictment by Special Counsel John Durham made public Thursday afternoon following the arrest of Igor Danchenko, who supplied the pack of lies that comprised the bulk of the infamous Steele dossier —the nucleus of the false allegations against Trump.

In June of 2016, Dolan traveled there and toured the suite but discovered from the manager and staff that no vulgar acts involving Trump had occurred.  He met with Danchenko at the hotel, who then jetted off to London into the waiting arms of Steele, who was busy composing his bogus dossier that was secretly funded by Hillary’s campaign.  Immediately thereafter, the “pee tape” myth became its notorious feature.  

The fact that that obscene behavior by Trump never happened did not deter the ex-spook from fabricating the damning story that was then blasted to the American public through media loudspeakers without a scintilla of credible evidence.  When interviewed by the FBI, Dolan confirmed that his sojourn to the hotel produced not a single incriminating word about Trump.  

Danchenko is charged with repeatedly lying to the FBI by claiming that he never received any information for the dossier from Dolan.  The indictment makes it clear that the special counsel is armed with evidence to the contrary and that Danchenko’s coverup of Dolan’s contribution to the sordid tales significantly harmed the FBI’s investigation.  

In addition, Danchenko stands accused of lying to the FBI about a conversation he claims to have had with another purported dossier source, Sergei Millian, a former president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce who was not explicitly named in the indictment.  Emails uncovered by Durham disprove that Danchenko ever spoke with Millian about anything.    

One of the great ironies produced by Durham’s indictment is how a Hillary adviser was meeting with a number of top Russian officials in Moscow while her minions were dishonestly accusing a Trump adviser, Carter Page, of doing the same thing but with treasonous intent.  It is sometimes true that the accuser is guilty, not the accused.    

And so it is with Hillary Clinton. Declassified CIA documents show that on July 26, 2016, she approved an audacious plot to vilify her political opponent, Donald Trump, with false accusations that he was colluding with Russia to steal the presidential election. The genesis of the smear came from Hillary herself as a strategy to distract from her own email scandal.  It was magnificently devious and classic Clinton.  

Her campaign financed the dossier, and her allies sedulously disseminated the lies to both the FBI and the gullible media, both of whom went after Trump with a vengeance. It produced the greatest mass delusion in American political history.  

Now, thanks to Durham’s most recent indictment, another vital piece of the puzzle has been filled in. It wasn’t a Russian insider, but a Hillary crony who furnished material for some of the dossier’s deceitful claims.

It’s hard to conceive of anyone more duplicitous and despicable than Hillary Clinton. 

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