‘Great budget-friendly’ way ‘guaranteed’ to improve living rooms – ‘follow 60-30-10 rule’

Georgina Burnett shares the top interior design colour for 2022

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Property renovations can be expensive, especially for those renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Knocking down walls, adding expensive appliances, getting new plumbing and adding extensions can cost thousands. However, there are cheaper ways to transform a home without breaking the bank. From painting tricks to furniture hacks, there are amazing ways to transform living rooms and some improvements cost “nothing”, according to one expert.

Heather Young, Editor of Ideal Home spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk on how homeowners can be their own interior designer on a budget.

She noted that a living room can be “totally transformed” using paint.

Heather explained: “Paint is a great budget-friendly way to totally transform a living room. 

“Take your time putting a scheme together to give your living room a more ‘interior-designed’ look.”

The expert spoke about how there are certain “colour combinations” that are “guaranteed” to improve a living room.

Heather said: “Taking a look at the trusty colour wheel, there are three key colour combinations interior designers turn to that are guaranteed to work together.

“A ‘tonal’ scheme is the simplest, as it includes only different tones of the same colour, going from light to dark. 

“A ‘harmonious’ scheme uses shades that sit next to each other on the wheel, such as blue and green, and is a simple way of creating an easy-to-live with look. 

“Lastly, there’s a ‘contrasting’ scheme, which is the most vibrant of the three colour combination options.”

Contrasting schemes are based on two colours that sit directly opposite each other on the wheel, such as yellow and purple. 

She added: “Often referred to as complementary colours, these pairings are guaranteed to add drama to any room.”

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When picking your colour scheme, the interior pro advised homeowners to “follow the 60-30-10 rule” to give it a “designer look”.

Heather explained: “This works by dividing a colour scheme into percentages, with one main colour used for 60 percent of the scheme (usually wall colour, flooring or furniture). 

“The secondary colour makes up 30 percent of the decor (could be for furniture, curtains or soft furnishings). 

“Then that last 10 percent of the colour scheme is all about your accent colour. 

“Use this on accessories such as cushions, lamps, ceramics and wall art.”

Furniture arrangement is another way to transform your living room on a budget as “it costs nothing”.

Heather said: “When putting furniture in place, take your time and keep stepping back to look at the room as a whole. 

“Sometimes just a little nudge 10cm one way can make all the difference. 

“A furniture arrangement that’s popular with interior designers is a two or three-seater sofa with a pair of armchairs opposite.

“It costs nothing to just move your furniture around, and it’s amazing what a difference a rejig can make to the feel of your living space.”

The interior guru shared “a trick interior designers use” when positioning furniture is to “pull it away from the walls”. 

She continued: “It’s really tempting, especially in a small room to push it all back against the wall, but actually that can make a space feel even smaller. 

“Create a bit of breathing space between the wall and your furniture and you can instantly make a small living room look bigger, and more inviting.”

Those who want to pull a room together “without spending a lot”, a new rug is a “good option”, according to Heather. 

She said: “You can pick up great designs at really affordable prices from places such as Ikea or Next. 

“Not only is a rug great for zoning a living space – place a rug between sofas to ‘anchor’ the seating area in a living room – it’s also a great way to ‘set’ your colour scheme. 

“Pick a rug that complements the main wall colour in your living room, and use one or two colours from the rug design as accent shades for cushions or throws.”

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