GOP-bashing, softball questions take center stage at Biden's first presser as president-elect

President-elect Joe Biden delivers statement on ObamaCare

President-elect speaks and takes questions from reporters after Supreme Court hears arguments on Affordable Care Act

Joe Biden took questions from reporters for the first time since being projected as president-elect, but the questions that were asked were primarily focused on knocking President Trump and Republican lawmakers, who have largely not acknowledged the current outcome of the 2020 presidential election. 

After his remarks defending Obamacare as the signature Obama-era legislation has made its way back to the Supreme Court, the soon-to-be 46th president didn't exactly face a tough grilling from reporters. 

"During the campaign, you said you were not naive about how difficult it would be to unite the country," NBC News correspondent Mike Memoli said. "It's now three days after you were projected as president-elect, the president himself has said he has won this election, his own administration has not moved forward to give you access to what you need to begin the work of your transition. Just a few minutes ago, the secretary of state, when asked if he would cooperate with a smooth transition, he said there would be a 'smooth transition to a second Trump administration. I wonder if you have a president who may well be watching right now and how do you expect to be able to work with Republicans when so many have thus far refused to even acknowledge your victory?"

Memoli then followed up with a question about Trump's actions since the election.

"I also wonder … You warned during the campaign that as the walls closed in on the president, he would behave more erratically," Memoli said. "Yesterday, he fired his defense secretary on Twitter. Are you worried that he's disabling the government and what are you saying to the world leaders who are calling you at this point about the situtation here?"

CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny was the second reporter to take to the microphone. 

"Mr. President-elect, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suggested today that we may not know the outcome of this election until the electoral college meets next month," Zeleny said. "Have you spoken to your longtime friend in the Senate, Mr. McConnell, and what do you make of his specific comments over the last 24 hours?"

Zeleny later asked how Biden's transition will work without federal funding.

"Without transition funding, will you be able to go through with the proper transition that's needed?… Will you authorize legal action or would that be too divisive do you believe?" Zeleny asked.

ABC News correspondent Mary Bruce was then called on and asked, "Have you tried reaching out at all to the president and if he is watching right now, what would you say to him?"

She also followed up on Zeleny's question by asking the president-elect "what options are you considering" if President Trump refuses to concede and allow a peaceful transition to take place. 

Wall Street Journal reporter Josh Jamerson asked Biden questions about his legislative agenda, specifically how a slim Democratic majority in the House of Representatives will impact his plans as president, if he'll be coordinating with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the lame-duck session, and "how important" it is for his agenda if Democrats take control of the Senate after the Georgia run-offs.  


Delaware's The News Journal reporter Meredith Newman finished the presser by asking Biden: "What do you say to Americans that are anxious over the fact that President Trump has yet to concede and what that might mean for the country?"

Reporters have long been criticized for asking softballs to the then-Democratic candidate on the campaign trail, specifically when Biden was asked what flavor ice cream he got at a campaign stop instead of being pressed about the controversy surrounding his son Hunter Biden. 

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