Google warning: Every Android user told to delete key files TODAY or risk snooping

ANDROID users across the world have been urged to do a simple clear out of their web data to stop them from being tracked online.

Cookies and cache can be useful for things like keeping you logged into accounts so you don't have to log in again, and remembering preferences.

But they are also used to serve personalised ads, which can be annoying if the same sort of products are constantly pushed your way because of one innocent search you did.

Not only that, the cache in particularly can build up to quite a bit of data overtime, so it's well worth clearing it every so often for a little spring clean of your phone.

The process of clearing them varies depending on the web browser you use.

Clear cookies and cache on Chrome

Most people use the Chrome browser on Android.

To clear cookies and cache, open the settings and select History.

Find clear browsing data.

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Tick Cookies and site data, as well as Cached images and files.

At the top, you can choose a time range, but if you want it to delete all set it to All time.

When you're ready, tap clear data at the bottom.

Clear cookies and cache on Samsung Internet

If you're one of the millions of people with a Samsung smartphone you might be using their own web browser instead.

From the app, tap the Options button followed by Settings.

Find Personal data and select Delete browsing data.

Choose Cookies and site data, as well as Cached images and files.

Then tap Delete data.

Clear cookies and cache on Firefox

If you're using Firefox, follow these steps.

Start by tapping the More button next to the address bar and going to Settings.

Find Delete browsing data.

Select Cookies and Cached images and files, and away you go.

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