Gen. Keane warns America’s national honor is ‘on the line’ amid Afghanistan exit

Gen. Keane warns US national honor is ‘on the line’ amid Afghanistan exit

Retired Gen. Jack Keane discusses evacuations underway in Afghanistan ahead of the August 31 deadline.

Retired Gen. Jack Keane discussed the United States’ reputation amid the Afghanistan exit during an appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday, arguing America’s national honor is “on the line” and the “whole world is watching.”

GEN. JACK KEANE: … The United States’ national honor is on the line here and the whole world is watching. And what we’re talking about is getting all of our Americans out and all of our Afghan partners out. 

We’ve already lost, Will, significant trust and credibility as a global leader in the world. I mean, the consequences, I think, are going to be felt for years to come as a result of this ill-conceived, hasty withdrawal which set the date certain, which then robbed us of any opportunity to provide the necessary conditions to prevent a Taliban takeover and also to get our citizens out before we got out.


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