Free bus pass: When will you get a free bus pass amid state pension age changes?

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There are several perks of growing older in the UK, such as concession priced tickets to your favourite cinema or museum or senior citizens’ discounts. But one of the key benefits is being entitled to a free bus pass, which can help you get around. Even if you have your own car, the service can be an essential lifeline.

There’s also a whole host of transport concessions you can take advantage of.

A Senior Railcard, which is purchased annually for a one-off cost, gives you the chance to make big savings when you travel by rail.

While National Express also offers a Senior Coachcard for people who are 60 and over. For just £12.50, you could get up to a third off your travel costs for a whole year.

But while state pension ages undergo a change in the UK, what does this mean for the free bus pass you’re entitled to?

When will I get my free bus pass?

Currently, those in England are entitled to a free bus pass when you reach the female State Pension age. This is whether you’re a man or a woman.

However this has sparked confusion, as previous the state pension age for women was 60, while it was 65 for men.

Then in November 2018, the state pension age was changed – meaning both men and women would collect their state pension at the age of 65.

Now, state pension ages are set to change again. And this means your free bus pass is changing too.

This month, the state pension age will reach 66 – so anyone born from October 6, 1954 to April 5, 1960 will hit state pension age on their 66th birthday.

This also means they will be able to collect their bus pass once they reach 66 – whether they are male or female.

The state pension age is expected to increase again in the coming years – first to 67, then to 68.

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This means your bus pass age will also go up. However, these rules only apply to England.

In Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can get a bus pass when you reach 60.

However, if you live in London, you can take advantage of the London Freedom Pass.

This free pass means you can travel free on buses, tubes and other transport when you’re 60, but only within London.

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