Former 'canceled' teacher: I wanted to give my students an opportunity to see someone challenge the orthodoxy

Former teacher: I wanted to give my students a chance to see someone challenge the orthodoxy

Former teacher Paul Rossi on getting ousted from liberal New York City private school.

After getting ousted from a private school for pushing back against a “woke curriculum,” a former teacher told “Fox & Friends” he just wanted his students to get a chance to see someone ‘challenge the orthodoxy.’

“When I spoke out at my school, I wanted to give my students a chance to see a teacher, an authority figure challenge the orthodox, these beliefs that were being presented as knowledge,” Paul Rossi said Friday.

Rossi, who taught math at the institution, believes one of the reasons he was a target to be canceled was because his teaching style was “effective.” 

“What I think is important is for the children today that are experiencing this in the classrooms to realize that, you know, the teacher doesn’t have the right to tell you who you are. Your identity is sacred and it belongs to you, and you should feel comfortable with your parents’ support to tell the teacher… my identity is none of your business.”

The math instructor was “relieved of his teaching duties” in April last year after voicing criticism of his Manhattan private school’s purported racial “indoctrination” of its students.

Grace Church School (GCS) had sent faculty, staff and administrators a letter notifying them that parents had expressed discomfort and students had requested to be removed from teacher Paul Rossi’s class after his public criticism.

The debacle was covered on the second season of Fox Nation’s “Canceled in the USA,” which dropped this week.

“You know, it is funny, I watched the episode yesterday when it came out. I was really impressed. They did a great job telling the story,” Rossi said. 


“It made me think about the cancellation in general… in a sense, [being] worried about being canceled … you know, you’re already canceled because you were canceled on the inside. So it is great to step up and really make that choice to act according to your conscious.”


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