Footage of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War multiplayer leaks online months ahead of game's release

FOOTAGE of the new Call of Duty game has leaked online months ahead of the hotly-anticipated game's release.

The video captured by a Twitch streamer shows a match played on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer mode.

It shows a 6v6 match on a map set in Miami, with players asked to protect a VIP until extraction.

Game developer Treyarch unveiled Cold War's first trailer last week, promising to show off the game's multiplayer mode on September 9.

The leaked have been accidentally streamed on Twitch by user DougisRaw for around seven minutes on Friday.

A four-minute segment of the clip has since been circulated widely online.

In it, two teams of six battle it out in a VIP Escort match.

One team attempts to escort the VIP to an extraction point, while the other has to stop them.

The clip reveals that the four starting classes are Stealth Ops, Pointman, Grenadier, Fire Support and Double Agent.

Weapons have five attachment slots and level-based progression.

Multiplayer maps appear to open with a quick cinematic clip – in this case the players jump out of a car – and each gamer has a visual health bar that depletes as they're shot.

It's not clear how DougisRaw got hold of the game, or why they streamed it to their 130,000 Twitch followers.

The gamer is a popular Call of Duty streamer, and given that Cold War's multiplayer reveal is just days away, it's possible he was playing the game as part of an official Treyarch event.

Game developers often invite gaming influencers to events to record themselves playing the game early.

These sessions are strictly embargoed but occasionally a clip will slip through the cracks.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War hits shelves on November 13 and plays out at the height of nuclear tensions between the US and Soviet Russia.

The storyline follows the real-world events of the Cold War – such as the Vietnam War – but will dramatise some elements.

An earlier teaser trailer revealed that the game would include a hunt for Perseus – a spy working against the US for Russia.

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