Five ‘quick’ and ‘cheap’ methods to heat your bedroom without heating

Energy bills: Expert advises to 'close curtains' when heating is on

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According to YouGov, nearly two-thirds (69 percent) of Britons are feeling worried about heating their homes and staying warm this winter. Three quarters (75 percent) of people said they were planning to use less central heating, while 14 percent plan to cut heating use completely. However, it is important to stay warm, especially at night before going to sleep. 

Having a cold bedroom isn’t pleasant and could lead to health issues such as a cold as well as damp and mould building up.

To help keep the room warm without using heating, experts at Bed Kingdom have shared five tricks to follow. 

1. Keep curtains open during the day

The experts explained: “When the temperatures drop, it’s tempting to close the curtains and shut out the world. However, this can make your bedroom even colder when bedtime comes around.  

“During the day, keep your curtains open, especially if your bedroom catches direct sunlight. 

“As sunlight hits your glass windows, radiation passes through and warms anything able to absorb the heat, including your bed, furniture or even your clothes. 

 “A room exposed to lots of sunlight throughout the day can warm quicker than one without any sunlight. Once the sun sets, close the curtain to trap the heat inside.”

2. Use bubble wrap for window insulation

If you have single glazed windows, they probably don’t keep rooms inside the home very warm. 

In fact, according to experts at The Underfloor Heating Store, low-quality wall insulation can cause a whopping 35 to 40 percent of heat loss in homes, making it the biggest source of heat loss.

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The pros added: “One quick, cheap solution is to use bubble wrap. Bubble wrap works as a good insulator thanks to its small air pockets. 

“As the base material is plastic, it heats up quickly and serves as a fantastic insulator. 

“Simply spray your window with water and the bubble wrap should stick to your window. You’ll be grateful once the temperatures plummet.”

3. Insulate your floor with a rug

According to the National Energy Foundation, you can lose up to 10 percent of heat through an uninsulated floor.

If you have wooden floors in the bedroom, which is quite common, it could be worth investing in a rug. They can be purchased from a variety of different stores for as little as £5.

The extra layer will help to keep the heat inside the room and can also help to warm up your feet in the mornings.

4. Rearrange furniture

The experts explained: “Believe it or not, your bedroom layout could be keeping you awake shivering at night. 

“Having your bed too close to your window means that any drafts coming in will be hitting your bed directly. 

“Single-glazed glass windows also cause condensation and heat loss, which is why you want your bed as far away from the windows as possible. 

“Place your bed away from your window, preferably in a corner. Add extra layers of blankets and pillows to help keep you warm during the night.”

5. Invest in a heated mattress topper

A heated mattress topper uses electrically heated wires or heated water to increase the pad’s temperature. This can be placed on top of the mattress to heat up the bed.

Not only will it help to keep you warm, but it can also help muscles relax, making falling asleep much easier. The experts added: “While it may be expensive to keep this running all night, try switching it on an hour before bed so that when you’re ready to sleep you won’t be shivering.”

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