Five ‘hacks’ to ‘keep your house extra warm’ while saving money

Will Hodgson reveals ‘only way’ to save money on energy bills

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With winter on its way, and energy bills on the rise, there is lots Britons do to make sure their homes stay as warm as possible. While many will turn their heating on for short periods of time, placing foil behind radiators and rearranging furniture are just some of the things to do in order to keep rooms warm

1. Leave your door open

The experts explained: “After cooking a meal for your family, a great way to use the remaining heat from the oven is to leave the oven door open. 

“The heat from inside the oven will enter the home and contribute to keeping it warm. It is worth noting that this hack will save you money on bills, only if your oven is turned off.”

2. Bleeding your radiators

Bleeding radiators will help to release any air which has become trapped in the heating system. The experts said the process of doing so is “straightforward” and can help reduce heating bills too.

They added: “You will need a radiator bleed key and a towel to catch any water leakage. To bleed your radiator, turn your central heating on and feel along the surface of your radiators for any cold spots.

“Then turn the central heating off and allow it to cool down, this will prevent hot water from burning you. Choose the first radiator you wish to bleed and place a towel underneath the radiator and insert the bleed key into the valve.

“Turn the key anti-clockwise and listen out for a hissing sound, when the hissing draws to a close, turn the key back again.

“You’ll notice that water will drop from the radiator once the hissing stops, this means that you’ve successfully released any trapped air.”

3. Place foil behind radiators

According to the experts, placing aluminium foil behind the radiators can be a “great way” to “keep your house extra warm” without turning the heating up high.

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Placing it on the outside wall can reduce the amount of heat escaping from the house.

4. Leave a gap between the sofa and radiator

The experts explained: “Many of us are guilty of pushing our sofas back against the radiators in our living rooms in order to allow for more space.

“However, the heat radiating from your radiator can move into the room, and the rest of the house, more freely if there is a considerable gap.”

5. Quick fit blinds

According to the blind experts, exposed windows are one of the main causes of heat loss in homes during winter. This comes down to the fact that glass isn’t a good insulator and will allow cold air to enter the home.

They added: “As the option to turn your heating up is becoming less realistic for many households across the UK, covering your windows is an essential way to reduce letting cold air in and importantly, to cut your energy bills.

“The unique honeycomb pockets of Quick fit blinds that feature in the cellular structure help to insulate your home in the cold winter months and act as a barrier between the room and the window surface. 

“These innovative cells trap air inside and limit heat loss, with the side channels helping to retain heat even further as there are no gaps for cold air to enter or heat to escape out. 

“In fact, a study conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University has concluded that whilst heavy curtains can reduce heat loss by 39 percent, cellular blinds were found to reduce heat loss by 60 percent.

Thick curtains can also help to prevent heat loss and keep warm air inside the home.

A spokesperson from Unbeatable Blinds said: “As the cost of living continues to grow, finding ways to defend your home against the cold weather is more important than ever.

“Adopting these hacks will help to keep your home warm and save you money on heating bills.

“The recent spike in online searches for ‘keep house warm’ is a sad reality for many Britons, who will look for cheaper alternatives to turning their central heating on. It is so important to act now and defend your home against the cold.”

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