‘Fantastic’: Phil Spencer shares ‘most desirable’ places to live in post-pandemic Britain

Phil Spencer reveals the best places to live in the UK

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The shift to home working has meant that many are looking for a new area to live in, in search of more space and a better quality of life. Seaside and rural areas have seen more interest from homebuyers, with demand dropping in central locations. Speaking on a Move iQ video last month, Phil Spencer shared the best places for families to live in the UK.

Phil explained: “The shift to home working means that many of us are no longer tied to commuting daily and that may offer the chance to move out of high price areas to seek a better quality of life and perhaps a bigger home.

“With this in mind we’ve rated the most desirable places to live in post-pandemic Britain and 1400 towns and cities were ranked for a number of factors.”

This includes crime rates, community attractions and air quality.

Where came out on top?

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