‘Fail-safe’ solution to remove ‘stubborn’ candle wax from your carpet

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Everyone loves the warm and intimate ambience that candles provide, that is until wax drips all over carpets. Knowing how to get wax out of a carpet is a must for anyone who loves candles. Unsure of how to remove this build, one cleaning enthusiast took to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for suggestions. Vanda Stack wrote: “Looking for tips to get candle wax out of a carpet please.”

Quick to offer their advice, group members took to the comments section to share how they would best deal with the stain. The majority suggested using two items that most would already have in their home – brown paper and an iron.

Jayne Wiseman Leigh said: “100 percent brown paper and an iron. It’s worked in our house before on stubborn candle wax.”

Nicola Appleton wrote: “Brown paper and a warm iron.” Ann Doc agreed: “Put brown paper over it and iron it softly.”

Johan Elisabeth Spoors commented: “Brown paper bag and an iron always works for me.”

Debbie Hill said: “Brown paper and a medium heat iron over the top is a fail-safe trick for me. It dissolves the wax into the paper in less than five minutes.”

Theresa Jablonski-Bobula wrote: “Brown paper and an iron! It happened to me and worked perfectly.”

Joanne Rogan advised: “The brown paper and iron thing really works, but I suggest you try on an off cut of carpet first or an area that will be hidden e.g under the sofa.

“The iron doesn’t need to be hot, it needs to be just warm enough to melt the wax, not melt the carpet. 

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“Use the matt side of the paper on the wax, not the shiny side as it acts like blotting paper and absorbs the wax. Good luck.”

Marcia Lebbern said: “Brown paper over the candle wax. Iron with hot iron. Will soon transfer to paper.”

For those interested in using the brown paper and iron method to remove candle wax from their carpet, it is important not to use the hottest setting, according to the cleaning experts at Bissell.

If the iron is too hot, the fibres of the carpet can melt. Instead, stick to a low temperature and do not use a steam setting.

The experts said: “The goal here is to absorb the spilled candle wax remains onto the paper, but to be careful with your carpet. High heat and steam can ruin or melt carpet fibres, so the lower the temperature the better. 

“In fact, you may want to test first in an inconspicuous area, just to make sure that your carpet fibres won’t get damaged even by low heat.”

Slowly rub the iron over the paper, which will absorb the wax like magic. Keep repositioning the paper on fresh areas and repeat until all the wax has been absorbed.

For those not looking to add heat to their carpet or do not have any brown paper, another method suggested to remove candle wax from carpets is to use ice.

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Emily Clark said: “Rub it with an ice cure and pick it off.” Velta Edwards agreed: “Ice. It will freeze and crumble away.”

Veronica Mellor wrote: “Cover with ice cubes. Leave long enough for them to work, then should scrape off.”

To carry out this method, lay an ice pack on the stained carpet to harden the wax and allow it to freeze. Make sure to not get the wax wet from leaks or condensation because that will make it difficult to get the stain up. 

Leave the ice on until the wax has completely frozen. Using the butter knife or scraper, gently remove the wax off the carpet fibres.”

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