Exclusive interview: Kevin Hart collecting muscle cars on new Motor Trend show

Kevin Hart collecting muscle cars on new Motor Trend show

Kevin Hart and his Plastic Cup Boyz crew enter The Fox Garage to talk about their new Motor Trend show ‘Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew,’ which chronicles their exploits as they explore the world of collector cars.

Kevin Hart may have been badly injured in an automobile accident in 2019,  but it didn’t ruin his relationship with cars.

He’s actually become even more involved in the collector scene since then and is a frequent fixture at classic automobile auctions.

In April, Hart placed a high bid of $825,000 on a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette that had been “restomodded” with modern mechanicals under its original body.

He’s also brought his Plastic Cup Boyz comedy crew into the fray to give them all a good reason to hang out, since they’re too old to go clubbing, he said.

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Hart kicked things off with the group a couple of years ago when he bought each of them a classic car to celebrate the end of their Irresponsible Tour.

“I felt it was something that was timeless, I felt that it was something, you know, we all put energy into and could grow and become something special and keep us connected,” Hart told The Fox Garage in an exclusive interview.

Now their exploits are being chronicled on the new Motor Trend app “Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew,” which follows them as they navigate the collector car scene.

Crew member Harry Ratchford said they’re still learning about buying, selling and restoring their cars, and that some people try to jack up the price when they see Hart coming.

“Hopefully, we’ll gain some knowledge in this area and get more proficient on our second and third buys of classic cars,” Ratchford said.

Hart said there is some competition among the group, but that they’re really all in it for fun and to help each other out.

“Every car in our car crew has a car that fits their personality and they’ve been making changes to basically amplify the look of those cars,” Hart said.

“We’re all chasing perfection in our own way, so I think its about … finding what that is to you and being happy with the end result.”

You can watch the full interview with Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz on The Fox Garage in the video player above.

“Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew” premieres on the Motor Trend app on July 2.

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