Even your car needs protection from nature’s harsh elements

I have read that the 1.5-litre CVT variant of the MG Astor is underpowered. Is it good enough for the city, with highway drives?

Tasawar, Ranchi

For city use, the Astor 1.5 CVT offers adequate performance. The CVT offers smooth power delivery in stop-and-go traffic conditions, and hence is the ideal transmission for city use. On the highway, the engine feels like it is working hard, due to the ‘rubber-band’ effect of the CVT, and you could do with more power. However, if you drive mainly in the city with occasional highway trips, you will do fine with the 1.5 CVT variant of the Astor.

I have a 2019 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and mostly park it outside. Do I need to worry about the car being exposed to the elements? Also, should I use something like a paint protection film? The paint is still shining and I have also installed a rat mesh from Maruti Suzuki.

Suma, Bengaluru

The paintwork of a vehicle is definitely prone to getting damaged from various elements of nature, including consistent harsh sunlight, bird droppings and rain.

If your vehicle remains parked in the open, it is best to get paint protection treatment done, such as a ceramic coating, in order to ensure that the life of the paint is extended and doesn’t deteriorate prematurely.

While a ceramic coat from a reputable brand such as 3M protects the entire vehicle, a paint protection film (PPF) will protect specific areas such as bumper corners, the roof and door edges, from getting chipped in day-to-day usage.

A PPF will also become dull with time due to the intrinsic nature of the plastic film, and is significantly more expensive than ceramic treatment. So, you could go ahead with a combination of both to ensure longevity of paint on your Ciaz.

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