Elizabeth Warren Guesses the Billionaires on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


South Carolina native Stephen Colbert flew back to his home state — ahead of its primary this Saturday — to speak with Massachusetts senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren for the Late Show. They sampled the local cuisine (“It’s very rich; you’re going to want to tax it,” he advised), and played a game of “How Well Do You Know The Billionaires That You’re Gonna Take Away Their Money?”

“You’re looking to tax some billionaires — maybe take them out of the political equation here because they have too much power — but to do that we need to know that you know them,” Colbert explained. 

Warren was asked to guess which member of the American oligarchy the late night host had in mind when he offered clues like “Looks like he cut his own bangs with toenail clippers,” “[Looks] like the underbelly of a hairless cat,” and “I cannot begin to tell you how he got his money or why he is wearing that tie.”

The senator had a pretty good streak going, but she was ultimately stumped by the billionaire described to her as “a talking waterfowl,” who “swims in a basement full of gold coins,” and “wears a top hat.”

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