‘Easy and streak-free’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘fab’ tips for cleaning mirrors

Mrs Hinch cleans her windows using a dishmatic

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Cleaning star Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, rose to fame on social media and has amassed 4.1 million followers on her Instagram page. Her clever cleaning hacks have helped countless people to spruce-up their homes.

Now, cleaning fans have formed their own social media groups dedicated to sharing a range of effective techniques.

One group member sought advice on how to tackle cleaning a mirror.

In response, one person posted: “TruWash is fantastic or wipe with a cloth in hot water and buff with a fish scale microfibre cloth.”

A second suggested: “Koh and a Koh cloth – it’s amazing stuff.”

A third person recommended using white vinegar.

A fourth online user said: “Elbow Grease glass cleaner is fab.”

Another person suggested: “Water, washing up liquid and kitchen roll to shine.”

In agreement that it had proven an effective method, another person said: “I’ve always found this is the best method also.”

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“Any glass cleaner with a green minky glass cloth,” suggested another.

While one group member recommended a combination of washing up liquid and water.

Describing their cleaning technique, one person said: “Warm soapy water and the Karcher hand held vacuum –  I do all my glass this way. Easy, quick and streak free.”

Another person suggested: “Dettol all-in-one spray and the green minky glass cloth – game changer.”

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One person recommended using Methylated spirit on a kitchen roll before wiping over the mirrors.

While another offered: “Fast glass by Auto-Glynn – genuinely brilliant.”

One person advised using Stardrops White Vinegar.

A more unusual method involved using toothpaste on a cloth to wipe over the mirror.  “Allow to dry and buff off,” the person added.

Method glass spray was another suggestion.

While one person recommended using Mr Muscle Glass and Window cleaner with a micro fibre cloth.

Another online user advised using wipes which are designed for cleaning glasses, mirrors and televisions. 

Describing their technique, one person said: “Black tea and kitchen roll is great, also I use it all the time for mirrors, windows and shower doors -works great.”

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