Drivers could save more than £140 by making this little-known insurance switch | The Sun

WITH the news that the average tank of fuel has now reached a whopping £100, drivers are on the look out for ways to cut costs.

One of the biggest for motorists is insurance, but a little-known switch could help save around £140 in these trying times.

New research from shows low mileage drivers could save by switching to pay-per-mile insurance

An increasing number of drivers are choosing usage-based insurance as people making the switch to By Miles’s pay-by-mile policies has risen by 125% since the start of 2020.

A recent survey from that found that almost half of motorists (49%) are making fewer journeys, and 31% are using less fuel to help mitigate rising driving costs.

Many motorists are now looking to reduce costs as one in three drivers (33%) is worried that they won't be able to cover the cost of driving in the coming weeks. 

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More than six in ten motorists (64%) now drive less than 7,000 miles per year, according to MOT data analysis from By Miles.

Pay-per-mile policies are designed to be a fairer option for low mileage drivers because these motorists use their cars less often, and so are less likely to have an accident or make a claim.

They typically use a telematics device to ensure motorists only pay for insurance for the miles they drive.

Alex Hasty, director at, said: "Motorists are increasingly driving fewer miles each year, whether that’s to save money or to do their bit for the environment.


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"Many may also be working from home more often following the pandemic, and do not need to commute to work as frequently.

"Our research shows that switching to a pay-per-mile policy could save low mileage drivers more than £100.

"Given the cost-of-living crisis, these savings could help drivers who are looking to cut driving costs."

James Blackham, CEO at By Miles, said: “The cost-of-living crisis is baring its teeth for drivers so it was sadly not a surprise to learn that many of us are having to make changes.

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“Pay-by-mile insurance means that the less you drive, the more you save – so if your car is parked up then so are your premiums.

"At a time when the cost of driving is through the roof, it might make sense to switch to pay-by-mile if you are a low mileage driver.”

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