Drivers blown away by hack to get your car ready for winter – and it uses a common item you'll have in your kitchen | The Sun

MOTORISTS are stunned at instant car de-frosting hack that uses just one item.

Valuable minutes could be saved in the morning by spraying a common household item on the rubber seal that lines your car door.

Believe it or not, cooking spray has come to the rescue to de-frost your vehicle.

The important part of this trick is to make sure you use it the day before travelling.

All you need to do is grab your cooking spray and apply a thin layer on the rubber seal that lines your car door,

Be sure to cover the entire seal, top, side and bottom.

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Next, just wipe off the excess with a paper towel to get rid of any drips.

The following morning you should have no trouble opening the door.

Car doors usually wreak havoc in winter conditions because water gets into the rubber seal and freezes – causing them to harden.

The cooking spray prevents water getting in and freezing the door shut.

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Icey conditions can cause a number of issues with your vehicle, including a fogged-up windscreen.

But there's another simple trick that costs nothing which will de-fog windows in seconds.

Firstly, turn the heater up to the maximum temperature to ensure it is nice and toasty inside your car.

The second step is to simply turn on the air conditioning, as this car hack genius points out it will make the air inside the vehicle drier.

Next, turn off the air circulation, which can be done by pressing a button that usually has a small car icon with an arrow pointing towards the boot.

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Finally, just crack the windows open, and soon you should see a crystal clear de-fogged windscreen.

The hack was shared on TikTok by @carsdotcom and quickly circulated around social media due to its easy and fast results.

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