Drivers blown away by hack to find out which side your petrol cap is on | The Sun

DRIVERS have been blown away by a simple tip that tells you which side your petrol cap is on.

The hack, unknown to many, saves forgetful motorists the hassle of jumping out of their car at the petrol pump to see if they've parked on the right side.

While it's often a 50/50 chance you've parked with your petrol cap closest to the pump, this tip will ensure you get it right every time.

Most cars have a small arrow on their fuel gauge, next to the pump icon, illustrating what side their petrol cap is on.

It will save you embarrassing yourself when you get it wrong and either have to stretch the hose across your car, or shift to another pump.

The revelation comes after a TikTok creator shared a clever steering wheel hack.

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The petrol cap tip is also one of the many mind-blowing hacks for everyday items that people have only learnt in their adult years, and dubbed "life-changing".

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