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DRIVERS are racing to get their hands on a £1.99 B&M essential that could save your life – and keep you extra toasty this winter.

As temperatures plummet there are several safety items motorists have been warned to carry – don't be caught out.

It comes as hitting the roads during winter months can be more dangerous, from flat batteries and breakdowns to ice related smashes.

Heavy rain from Storm Ciarán  in the past week has also resulted in flooding across the UK and seen more cars smashed and stranded.

To help prevent more accidents, a motors whizz has urged drivers to carry five essential items to keep them safe.

In a video posted to TikTok, @lilltibby, said: "An extra pair of gloves" is vital in colder months.

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"You never know when you will have to brush snow off – plus, cold hands on a steering wheel equals no grip," she explained.

B&M are stocking a thick and durable pair of Stanley gloves for just £1.99.

Bargain hunters will be thrilled to find the "ultimate protection" "tough work gloves" at such a low price.

They are a vital item, as cold hands can lead to poor circulation, which in turn could result in less grip on the wheel – and slower reaction times.

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Wearing gloves could also conserve charge life in an electric car as drivers will not need to blast the heating to stay warm.

EV owners will be aware their battery drains faster in colder conditions and this is one contributing factor.

And, the more charge conserved means less likelihood motorists will find themselves stranded.

Additionally, the TikToker advised vehicle owners to carry a blanket with them.

"A car blanket in case you have to wait inside with it turned off or you're stuck," she said.

Other car genius' have recommended going a step further and packing an electric blanket in the boot.

These can be plugged into a variety of different power banks available online.

"A phone power bank, for emergencies when your phone dies and your car is stuck or dead," Libby added.

She also urged drivers to keep an ice scraper with a foam brush handy for clearing snow.

"They're paint safe and act as a good window squeegee," she continued.

"Finally a jump starter, or battery booster, a booster can jump your car without another vehicle – batteries can die in below zero temperatures."

This comes as other experts have warned of six ways to look after your car this winter and stay safe on the roads.

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