Dr. Robert Malone tells Tucker Carlson why his comments about COVID upset Washington bureaucrats

Dr. Robert Malone joins ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ on Fox Nation

mRNA inventor speaks out to Tucker

The co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology who has been widely censored by Big Tech companies for discussing his expertise in the field amid vaccine hesitancy told Fox Nation that he drew the ire of federal officials for previously coming on Fox News, though not because his commentary was inaccurate, but because it wasn’t.

Malone told “Tucker Carlson Today” that early in the pandemic, he would have regular teleconferencing with the FDA and other offices, given his expertise in the field.

mRNA technology is used to produce both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine, while Johnson & Johnson uses virus-based technology more similar to a flu shot.


Malone recalled how one interview with Carlson caused waves in Washington:

“A van came out to my little farm, and you asked me some questions. And what I told you, I think you weren’t expecting. I told you that the database for the FDA and the CDC was all screwed up,” he said. “And you got this look on your face, because I don’t think you’re expecting that.”

Carlson remarked that his surprise at the time stemmed from the fact he like many others once believed there were “competent people running things” at the various governmental health bureaucracies.

“So what was funny about that was I went back, because I had been having this really active dialogue, weekly Zooms, with these three folks from the FDA that were involved in the original discovery of the toxicity, the cardiotoxicity [of vaccines] and … I spoke to them afterwards and they were all really upset that I said that to you,” Malone added.

Carlson asked whether that was because he was spreading misinformation on cable news, to which Malone said it was because he wasn’t doing so.

“[And] because you were Tucker Carlson,” Malone said.


“I mean, it’s my view, for the record, that it’s my country. I grew up here, and I love the country, and I have a right to know. You know, we all do,” Carlson replied.

Malone later added that he has added his name to the growing list of American figures who previously supported Democrats and liberal politicians but have been so demonized by them it has altered their outlook.

Malone said he and his wife donated to both Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaigns.

Carlson and Malone remarked how many figures previously viewed as liberal have become detached from that party or ideology, pointing to the similar criticisms of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – scion of the most famous American Democratic family — and Joe Rogan, the latter of whom endorsed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in 2020 but has been barraged by calls for censorship of his podcast by the very same left.

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