‘Doesn’t go down well’: Interior designer shares home decor trends estate agents ‘dislike’

Estate agents: Expert discusses how important agents are

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Property development expert and interior designer Rudolph Diesel has shared his advice on making a property more appealing to estate agents. The interior expert, who is the principle interior designer for several property development firms in London, shared which interior decor features can be a turn off to estate agents. Mr Diesel exclusively told Express.co.uk green kitchens, clutter and “intense” colours are “disliked” by estate agents.

He said: “Green kitchens is one of them.

“Yellow kitchens. Anything that looks like clutter is one other thing as well.”

Mr Diesel said half of his work is “home-staging” and the other half is “interior design”.

He said when home-staging, he is often asked by agents to try and distract from certain features of the home.

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“Clutter, intense colours…a bohemian vibe in the wrong area doesn’t go down well,” he said.

The interior expert, who works in London, said homeowners can “get away with” a more “trendy” style of interior decor in an area like Peckham.

However, buyers looking in more upmarket areas are likely to expect a “more sophisticated” look.

Mr Diesel said estate agents “love lighting” and will get “drawn in” with lights.

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“The other thing they dislike is dark spaces,” he added.

Gloss kitchens also “don’t always go down well” with estate agents.

Bright, patterned carpets are also disliked by estate agents.

The interior design expert also shared what estate agents “love” seeing in a home.

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“They love lighting, good furniture and well-planned environments,” he said.

Estate agents also like rooms and spaces that work well together.

“Mismatched” rooms that are all different colours and decorated in different styles should be avoided.

Some of Mr Diesel’s tips for making your home more appealing to buyer and estate agents are:

Use one colour

If your property has a yellow kitchen and a white hallway, paint the kitchen white.

This will make a home feel more cohesive and neutral.

Add a veneer to the worktop

If a kitchen worktop is too dark or too pale for the kitchen, homeowners can add a thin veneer over the kitchen counter.

Some veneers can add a quartz or wood effect.

Neutral carpets

Adding a neutral carpet could make all the difference when it comes to selling a property.

Stained, bright coloured or patterned carpets can be a turn off.

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