Do you give Jesus a gift at Christmas? Here's what I do

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In only a few days we will be celebrating Christmas. Some people love the holiday hustle and bustle, and some people find that it emphasizes their loneliness and weariness. How is it going for you?  

This is a crazy busy time for me as I add Christmas activities to an already overloaded schedule. So I thought I would share one of the things I do to help lift my spirits. Let me explain it this way: 

When he was with us, I would ask him what he would like me to give him for Christmas. Sometimes he answered right away. Sometimes he would think for a while and get back with me. But it always brought me joy to look for something I knew he wanted, then give it to him. 

Since Christmas is the Kings’ birthday, I also want to give Him a gift. But since He is literally someone who has everything, I ask Him what He would like for me to give Him. Sometimes He lets me know right away. Other times it takes a while for Him to let me know.   

But as I go through what can be described as the Holiday Hassle, I have a secret joy of discovering, then giving the King a gift I know He wants. The gift He asks for is always sacrificial in nature. Something I wouldn’t do or say or a place I wouldn’t go except that He would ask me for it. When He asks, I don’t hear an audible voice. Just a soft whisper. An impression.  

The first suggestion: Give Him your heart.

“Anne, this is what I want you to give Me this year.”  

One year it was to tell the Christmas story based on the encyclopedia to a public school classroom. Another year it was to add an engagement to an already full schedule. This year it’s to share the Gospel with at least one person during the Christmas activities. It brings me such joy to know I am giving Him a gift that He wants. 

What will you give the King this year for His birthday? Would you ask Him what He would like? 

If you need a gift suggestion, I know two things He would like for you to give Him.  

The first suggestion: Give Him your heart – He was born to die as God’s atonement for your sin. Place your faith in Him.   

The second gift suggestion: Tell someone else this Christmas that God loves them so much that He sent Jesus to die for them. That if they place their faith in Him, they would not perish but have eternal life. And eternal life includes peace that is beyond understanding, joy that’s not tied to circumstances, and hope for the future with a heavenly Home that is being prepared just for them. 

Then enter into the true meaning of Christmas – with joy!

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