Ditch heated airers for game-changing tip that dries clothes in half the time

Top tips for drying your laundry indoors

With high energy bills and the rising cost of living, many households are looking for cheap ways to tackle household chores, such as drying laundry.

Air drying, despite being the cheapest – and free – alternative, can take hours or become impossible to do when the temperatures drop. So households need to move on to their next best bet.

They may be considering tumble dryers a household staple. However, tumble dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to run in the home and many do not own one.

Then are are heated airers and dehumidifiers, which are cheaper to use. But which one is the better choice?

Unsure of which to go for, one woman took to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for some advice.

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Gemma Dawn said: “Hiya, heated airer or dehumidifier with standard airer. Not sure which one to invest in as costs roughly the same.”

Last year, heated airers caused quite a stir, with everyone rushing to get one. They’re like clothes horses, but use power to heat the bars. Think of them as mini radiators for drying clothes.

Clothes can take a long time to dry properly indoors, especially if it’s a humid environment. But when you use a dehumidifier, the air surrounding the wet clothes becomes less humid.

This allows the moisture within the clothes to evaporate more quickly, resulting in shorter drying times.

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Of the 137 comments the post received, the vast majority of them were raving over how much better off Gemma would be opting for a dehumidifier with a standard airer over a heated airer.

Jackie Rowe claimed: “Dehumidifier 100 percent. I tried a heated airer got fed up having to move the clothes around.”

Kayleigh Radford said: “Bought a heated airer and didn’t find it dried them any quicker just wasted electricity in my opinion.”

Dawn Chaplin commented: “I don’t rate heated airer. They only dry the bit of material in contact with it. I don’t even plug mine in.”

Lynsey Muirhead wrote: “Just purchased dehumidifier and was shocked to the amount of water after two days.”

Paula Jenkins noted: “Dehumidifier best by far. It dries the clothes in half the time a heated airer does.”

Dean James said: “Dehumidifier. We got ours last year with a laundry setting one, dried very quickly. We had a heated airer it was rubbish! We sold it.”

Sylvia Wiśniewska wrote: “Dehumidifier, especially the ones with drying washing function. Best thing ever!”

Nicola Reed commented: “I’ve got a dehumidifier with laundry session it’s game-changing, would never be without it.”

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