Council House Swap: Viewers left ‘grossed out’ as- woman turns downstairs loo into pantry

Council house owner converts downstairs toilet into pantry

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Channel 5’s Council House Swap helps tenants in council properties swap homes. This is under the Mutual Exchange agreement, which was expanded by an initiative called HomeSwapDirect, first introduced by Grant Shapps in 2011. A couple from Barkby, a village in Leicestershire, appeared on tonight’s episode in hope of downsizing their three-bedroom home with a large garden they pay £88 a week for. 

However, when they came across Alison’s property, they were left confused about whether or not they fancied moving down south.

Michael and Lucy, who live in a large home, are able to accommodate two of their children as well as a grandchild and pets.

However, the property proved to be too big for the couple, who found it hard to maintain due to Lucy’s health.

To make things easier, the couple decided to switch homes to something smaller.

The family visited Alison’s three-bedroom property, who lived in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

Alison, who pays £119 rent a week, lived with her granddaughters as well as her grown up daughter.

To cater for her family, Alison has had to make some changes to the property, including turning her downstairs toilet into a pantry to store food.

When it came to revealing her pantry to Michael and Lucy, Alison explained that instead of removing the toilet, shelves had been built around the toilet, with food even stacked around the bottom.

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Alison said: “This is your downstairs loo, however, I’ve turned it into a pantry.

“I’ve got food, you can see the loo is there, the sink.”

Lucy asked: “So you’ve not taken the toilet out?”

Alison replied: “No, you don’t need to,” while proudly showing off her pantry cupboard.

After viewing the property, the couple were undecided on whether or not they could see themselves living there.

Alison said: “The last thing I would think of doing is putting shelves and putting food in a toilet.

“I’ve never seen it in my life.”

Michael added: “It’s a strange decision but there’s a first thing for everything.”

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This wasn’t the only space-saving trick Alison had used around the house.

She had also halved one of the upstairs bedrooms to turn them into two separate rooms, to help make space for her family.

Michael described one room, which could barely fit a bed into, as a “prison cell”.

In the end, the couple decided not to invite Alison to view their home as they thought her property was too small.

They also weren’t a fan of the downstairs toilet being used as a pantry.

After viewing three potential homes in the programme, the family couldn’t find any house they wanted to swap with.

Viewers of the programme also took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

User Hannah wrote: “These people are so picky. They want a smaller house and yet they complain about the houses being smaller.”

Viewer Beckie said: “That is utterly gross, food stored in the downstairs loo, disgusting.”

Tania added: “I’m so grossed out by this, at least remove the toilet!”

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