Coronavirus Exposes Worst Traits Of Trump Administration, Conservative Columnist Says

Conservative columnist Max Boot, in his latest opinion piece for The Washington Post, argued the coronavirus outbreak is exposing the worst traits of the Trump White House.

“Diseases, far more than any human enemy, ruthlessly expose and exploit the weaknesses of their victims,” wrote Boot, who quit the GOP following Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory and has been fiercely critical of him ever since.

“Now the coronavirus outbreak is laying bare the pathologies of the Trump administration — which include compulsive lying, pandering to dictators, ideological aversion to ‘globalism,’ inveterate hostility toward experts and expertise, and (in a related development) sheer incompetence,” Boot added.

Boot broke down how Trump’s attempts at reversing former President Barack Obama’s legacy could ultimately harm his government’s bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus, suggesting the “chaos president” will try to find scapegoats but “has no one but himself to blame for this chaotic response.”

“He can’t figure out how to spell ‘coronavirus,’ much less how to fight it,” Boot added, in reference to Trump’s bungled spelling of its name on Twitter.

“At a time like this, it would be a lot more reassuring to think that there were actual, you know, experts in charge of the government rather than ignorant ideologues chosen for their dedication to a supreme leader unconstrained by fact, logic or morality,” he concluded. “Where’s the ‘deep state’ when you need it most?”

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