CNN, town hall host Anderson Cooper called out for lack of 'tough' questions to Joe Biden

CNN doesn’t give any tough questions to Biden, says Robby Soave: ‘It’s like Trump is still president’

Senior editor of the Reason foundation Bobby Soave says the mainstream media needs to get ‘adversarial’ with Biden like they did with Trump.

Senior editor of “Reason”, Robby Soave questioned whether the mainstream media and President Biden were “on the same side” Wednesday after critics slammed CNN and host Anderson Cooper for softball questions posed to Biden during a CNN town hall.

“When Donald Trump was president the mainstream media never shied from asking tough questions nor should it,” Soave said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends”. “I think the role of the press is to be adversarial to the government, to the administration.”

“It’s like Trump is still president in some ways,” Soave added.

The senior editor went on to explain that CNN’s viewers could call on the media channel to ask tougher, more provocative questions, but pondered whether they would rather consume positive coverage of Biden with a negative spin that portrays Donald Trump as a “moron.”

Soave said he would have liked to see questions asked about pressing issues and controversies facing the current administration, such as the alleged cover-up of nursing home deaths by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

He added that CNN is “hopelessly compromised” on the issue due to the role of Chris Cuomo, the governor’s younger brother, on the network.

Chris Cuomo, host of “Cuomo Primetime,” has faced recent criticism for an alleged conflict of interest on CNN as coverage of his older brother regularly avoids discussing the nursing home scandal surrounding the NY governor.

For many months, Gov. Cuomo has found safe refuge on his younger brother’s show, oftentimes cracking jokes, reminiscing on family, and discussing NY’s accomplishments.

However, despite criticism and controversy surrounding the governor’s handling of the coronavirus pandemics, CNN’s omissions have grown more notable after a recent bombshell admission from one of Gov. Cuomo’s top aides.


On Monday, Anderson Cooper was the first one to bring up the nursing home scandal since October, where he briefly confronted the NY governor before pivoting to another topic.

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