Clever use of your old socks will save your car from blowing a fuse in the winter as temperatures drop | The Sun

DRIVERS have been advised to use their old socks to save their cars from blowing a fuse in the winter.

With the arrival of cold and wet weather, it is time to make sure your motor remains safe and reliable.

Forecasters have warned that autumn and winter could bring “some of the most disruptive conditions for people” who take to the road.

And one handy tip may not sound like much but could be incredibly useful.

Your old socks may not be your go-to pair anymore but they could still serve a purpose.

In advice shared by the Met Office, the RAC advised motorists to put “old socks or cardboard under your windscreen wipers to prevent them getting stuck to the glass”.

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By covering them, they won't freeze to the windshield.

The RAC warned that if your windscreen wipers can't move, huge risks could follow.

They urged drivers to be aware that the circuit could overheat and a fuse would blow.

This handy hack also helps the wipers last longer in winter months.

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A clear windscreen is essential for visibility at all times, but especially if there is snow on the cards.

Fog and mist can ruin your ability to see out the front windshield in wintry conditions.

You can also leave your windows slightly open to clear the windscreen faster on a frosty day.

Chris Walsh, head of warnings at the Met Office, said: “When the clocks go back it’s time to prepare for winter weather.

“Whether it’s strong winds, cold spells or even ice and snow, there are simple and cost-effective things everyone can do now to prepare for winter weather.

“There are plenty of useful and creative weather hacks out there that can help people to avoid disruption, but also make the most of winter weather.”

It comes as a car servicing expert has shown motors a hack to defrost a car windscreen that costs 10p.

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