Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share baby oil tip for cleaning stainless steel extractor fans

Lynsey Crombie gives tips on cleaning garden furniture

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Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch has taken the cleaning world by storm in recent months with her cleaning and tidying tips. Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, now has over four million followers on Instagram and has even authored her own cleaning book. Fans of hers have taken to social media and have created their own groups dedicated to cleaning tips and hacks.

Some of the groups have thousands of members with users posting hundreds of posts and comments each day.

One user posted on a group with over 600,000 members after a cleaning product left a mark on her stainless steel extractor fan.

She said: “Help please! I cleaned my extractor using a bit of elbow grease spay now it’s got this horrible mark!

“It’s the first time I’ve used it on there as I read it’s good for them.

“Usually I just use hot soapy water then buff it.

“Help please how can I get the mark out without making it look worse?”

The extractor fan had a large, discoloured streak across it which had clearly been made after she had tried to wipe the surface.

The post received over 160 comments from concerned users.

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The most popular response was to use “baby oil”.

One user said: “Baby oil on kitchen roll, rub on and leave, same happen to me.”

Another commented: “Baby oil will bring it back.”

Another responded: “Definitely baby oil one cloth to wipe on one to wipe off.”

Another user said: “A little bit of baby oil.”

“You need something with a very small amount of oil in to bring to back,” said one user.

They added: “I use wood silk spray when I do mine but baby oil, just the tiniest bit works too.”

However, one user warned not to use baby oil as it can build up over time on the surface.

They said: “Do not use baby oil! Hot soapy water to get rid of the grease then use stainless steel spray to buff!

“After time baby oil builds up and leaves a horrible residue that makes it look dirty.”

Other suggestions included using vinegar, WD40 and stainless steel spray.

The user who posted the query responded to comments and said she had used baby oil.

She replied: “Baby oil has really helped thank you all so much!”

She also posted a photo showing her shiny, smear-free stainless steel extractor fan.

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